The programs and digital materials (found on this page exclusively) produced by ADC are provided as "freeware," and as such, are provided on an "as-is" basis, with no representation or warranty with respect to such material and/or their suitability for any particular application. Other items retrievable from this page (material copyrighted by other companies) may have special license restrictions, typically described in a companion readme file.

In general, all programs and/or datafiles contain copyrightable material, which prohibits you from using the material outside of it's intended purpose. The exclusive intended application of these materials is to provide product information (to prospective customers) and/or to provide software tools (to existing customers) that compliment licensed programs not classified as "freeware." Other restrictions (prohibitions) include without limitation, the ability to freely distribute copies to other parties, to display/view in a public (non-private) manner, or to perform any "image cannibalizing" or "reverse-engineering" activities, or otherwise misuse the materials. If you cannot agree with these simple terms, then you are not permitted to copy any of these files. If you are not sure if a planned activity would violate these terms, please contact us.

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