THOMAS J. REYNAL was the founding director of the Company's SCADA business in 1971. Operating as Reynal Controls, the Company provided hardwired masters, remotes, and test sets to the energy industries. He received his B.S. from the University of Houston in 1958. Mr. Reynal has devoted his entire career to the development of SCADA systems. He began his career at Southwest Industrial Electronics, and subsequently Dresser Controls, where he developed one of the first solid-state systems for the industry. Mr. Reynal was a founding director of International Controls Corp (TRW Controls) in 1958, and a founding director of Systronics, Inc. which is now a subsidiary of the Foxboro Corp. As Vice President of Engineering, Mr. Reynal directed systems engineering as well as the hardware design of all Company products. Mr. Reynal passed away of natural causes in June of 2015.

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