TERM#  SIGNAL NAME              DEVICE NAME              NOTES                    

TB1    Control Output 1 - N.O.                                                    

TB2    Control Output 1 -                                                         


TB3    Control Output 2 - N.O.                                                    

TB4    Control Output 2 -                                                         


TB5    Control Output 3 - N.O.                                                    

TB6    Control Output 3 -                                                         


TB7    Control Output 4 - N.O.                                                    

TB8    Control Output 4 -                                                         


TB9    Digital Input 1                                                            

TB10   Digital Input 2                                                            

TB11   Digital Input 3                                                            

TB12   Digital Input 4                                                            

TB13   Digital Input 5 (Pulse                                                     

       Input 4)                                                                   

TB14   Digital Input 6 (Pulse                                                     

       Input 3)                                                                   

TB15   Digital Input 7 (Pulse                                                     

       Input 2)                                                                   

TB16   Digital Input 8 (Pulse                                                     

       Input 1)                                                                   

TB17   Digital Input COMMON                                                       

TB18   + Analog Input 1                                                           

TB19   + Analog Input 2                                                           

TB20   + Analog Input 3                                                           

TB21   + Analog Input 4                                                           

TB22   Analog Input COMMON                                                        

TB23   +10 to +14VDC Power In                                                     

TB24   Power COMMON                                                               

TB25   Alternate power input                             See circuit schemes      

                          COMMUNICATION PORT PIN-OUT                           

PIN#   SIGNAL (as         SIGNAL (as         SIGNAL (as         NOTES              

       RS-232)            RS-422)            RS-485)                               

J1-1   DCD                +RxD                                                     

J1-2   RxD                -RxD               +SD                                   

J1-3   TxD                +TxD               -SD                                   

J1-4   DTR                -TxD                                                     

J1-5   COMMON             COMMON             COMMON                                

J1-6   DSR                                                                         

J1-7   RTS                                                                         

J1-8   CTS                                                                         

J1-9   +12VDC out         +12VDC out         +12VDC out         RESERVED