ADC - 1U Interposing Relay Panel


Look at picture of assembly.

This assembly is an interposing relay panel that provides for high voltage switching.

This 1U (1.75") panel holds 8 KU-type interposing relays, and comes complete with horizontal wireduct, terminal strips for each relay's DPDT contacts, and LED indicator that illuminates when the coil is engaged. The interposing relays are typically driven from a COMMANDER IOC/RTU Digital Output I/O card. Terminations are provided for operating the relays from either direct cabling (standard I/O cards), and/or with a ribbon cable (IDC-type I/O card).

The relays are inserted from the side opposite from the terminal strips and LEDs; therefore, the enclosure or frame used to mount these assemblies must be accessible from both sides.



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Look at picture of assembly.



200136: 1U RELAY PANEL

This assembly is provided in the following versions (XXX designation of part number). This number represents the voltage of the relay coils and it's corresponding LED indicator.

Consider the station battery and/or available power supply outputs when selecting unit voltage.

200136-012 $259

200136-024 $259

200136-048 $259

Relays for these assemblies are ordered separately. Choose "KU" type DPDT relays from relay section.

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