ADC - DIMENSION Programmable Logic Controller



This assembly is a large capacity Programmable Logic Controller ("PLC") which performs all Input/Output, control (ladder) logic, and host communications operations for industrial automation applications.

The DIMENSION™ Programmable Controller ("DPC") provides advanced data measurement, closed-loop control, and local/remote communications for industrial automation systems.

Each DPC features a powerful 32-bit CPU (industrialized IBM compatible) running the Tele-Denken SoftPLC™ kernel, combined with one or more intelligent I/O controllers ("IOCs") that can be "distributed" around the plant. These IOC cardfile(s) are populated with applicable multipoint I/O cards.

These units are backward compatible to Allen-Bradley 5/25 PLCs, supporting existing ladder-logic programs as well as Data Highway communications. Combined with advanced ladder development tools, the DPC also supports external "C" subroutines when required for particular applications.

DPCs are also upward compatible with the Company's "open system" ENTERPRISE™ Station Computer family for long term evolutionary capabilities.

Typical Input/Output: 256DI/PI 128AI 128DO 64AO







Look at picture, side view of a typical cardfile (I/O cards installed in a base/expansion motherboard) mounted in a EIA (19" rack) cabinet. Links to the types of I/O cards available for this unit can be found on the Catalog Introduction Page.



See I/O cards for respective specifications.


Operating environment (electronics)


Operating power




Integral A/D convertor (for AI cards)

See related specifications for analog input cards


Analog data mode options (firmware setting)




CPU Communications




ENGINE. 32-bit Intel CPU w/ 1MB DRAM. "Engine" also includes SoftPLC kernel, 6position passive backplane, panelmounted aluminum frame for CPU and adapter cards, P/S with 24VDC input, and ethernet adapter. CPU and network cards occupy ISA slots, leaving 4 available for other adapters.
200149-000 $2000†

ENGINE W/ I/O CARDFILE #1. 200149-000 assembly with first I/O cardfile assembly.
200149-001 $3088†

OPTIONAL DH/DH+ ADAPTER CARD. For direct connection to Allen-Bradley Data Highways. Requires ISA slot on motherboard.
060002-000 $1450†

SPARE ETHERNET ADAPTER. Intel 16-bit Ether-Express card.
060003-001 $171

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