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Standard products are grouped in sections as shown in the Table of Contents above. Most I/O systems, however, require assemblies found in different sections (ie logic boards, power supply, and enclosure) in order to provide all necessary "unit" functionality.

Contact representative to review final materials list to ensure selected components will provide the expected functionality. ADC provides it's SCADA and Industrial Automation products in many forms including:

Since turnkey units require varying degrees of integration effort, as well as a variety of special-order parts not shown in this catalog, the summation of all of the list prices should serve for "budgetary" purposes only. ADC provides firm quotations, along with compliance statement to specifications (if any), upon request for "turnkey" units and systems.

ADC does not provide installation services, but rather relies on local system integrators and/or contractors for these services. ADC Field-Service engineers are available for support services, including without limitation, unit commissioning and training.

OEM and VAR discounts do not apply to prices marked with this symbol. Contact representative for additional information.

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